Monday, October 02, 2006

How Toastmasters has helped me as a writer

When I first joined Toastmasters I didn’t really know why I needed public speaking experience, but recently it has been shown to me that the skills I have gained are for a higher purpose.

I now have my own podcast Writers in the Sky where I interview writers, authors, publishers and literary agents about the craft and business of writing. In turn, I am also a guest on radio shows and teleclasses! In fact was interviewed this week by Valerie Connelly for her Global Talk Radio show CALLING ALL AUTHORS. The show is archived if anyone wants to listen. I did have a few “ums” and “you knows” so I’m glad there wasn’t a grammarian/ah-counter present! Your feedback is welcome if anyone wants to do an evaluation.

If you want information about my podcast you can see If you have written a book you want to talk about, I would be happy to interview you and let you put your Toastmasters skills to work outside the club level.

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