Thursday, October 05, 2006

Beyond the Bookstore

Brian Jud has an "automated" timeline on the CD-ROM that comes with his book, Beyond the Bookstore. When you insert your pub date, the deadlines for performing trade and special sales actions are automatically calculated. If you would like a f*ree copy, please let Brian know and he will email it to you.

You may also be interested in his new book/CD package, Beyond the Bookstore, which contains all the information you need to sell more books to non-bookstore markets. It is a Publishers Weekly book, published by Reed Press. Use Promotion Code BMM050 for a $25 (50%) discount. Brian has also written a series of booklets with Proven Tips for Publishing Success that can help you create, price, distribute and promote your titles more profitably. For more information about Beyond the Bookstore, Tips booklets and for copies of all past issues of Book Marketing Matters, go to

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