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Writers in the Sky Podcast schedule for October 2006

Writers in the Sky Podcast schedule for October 2006

Writers in the Sky Podcast, produced by Yvonne Perry, the owner of Write On! Creative Writing Services offers exciting interviews with authors and writers, as well as news about books, publishing and marketing. Most of the classes are recorded in 15-minute segments which may be downloaded and used as an educational tool.

Author interviews for the month of October include:

* Oct. 6 - JJ Murphy - JJ is a freelance writer who helps a variety of companies, small businesses and individuals to express their awareness and dedication to developing sustainable technology and to preserve our natural resources. She provides articles for natural magazines, hiking publications, simple living publications in print and online. She also writes curricula to help public schools home schooling groups, private schools, wilderness camps, adult learning groups, continuing education programs and others stretch and expand their students’ knowledge. Her articles are available on her website:

* Oct. 13 - Dr. Reggie Johnson - Reggie is the author of The Awakening: Conquering the Sleeping Giant Within, One Hundred Spiritual Secrets, and The Secret Power Of Words. Reggie and Cynthia, his wife of 18 years, created and operated a counseling center called Mystic Visions in Los Angeles, before moving to their current residence in Atlanta, Georgia. From there, they run the W.O.W. (Walking on Water) fest, a holistic festival that celebrates the wellness of joining mind, body, and spirit in harmony.

* Oct. 20 - Taryn Simpson – Taryn is the founder of Simpson - E Publishing, and an author, screenwriter, playwright, and columnist. Her latest novel to be published is “Glittering Secrets” a thriller that is set in Nashville, Tennessee and is quickly gaining attention among suspense book lovers everywhere. Simpson also enjoyed rave reviews by Project Greenlight for her screenplay, “Conversations with Pearl” and was featured at the Southern Festival of Books in 2002. She also is a contributing columnist for American Chronicles where her column is based upon her office humor book, “The Underbelly of the HR Professional as well as Rise! A nationally distributed New York magazine with a target audience of college and young professionals in the business world.

* Oct. 27 - Gini Graham Scott - Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D., is a writer who has published over 40 books and hundreds of articles. Her most recent books and articles focus on work issues, creativity, business management, marketing, resolving conflict, and crime. She is a speaker, workshop/seminar leader, and organizational consultant to business, government, and non-profit organizations. She has spoken to top executives, managers, professionals, and the general public.

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