Friday, September 08, 2006


By Barbara Sharp,
Write On! Team Member

My work surface has three levels that allow me to stand or sit while writing. Standing feels best—I prefer it.

While standing, my core is engaged—if you know Pilates, you know the benefits of a strong core. My spine is straight and elongated, legs are shoulder-width apart, butt is tucked in, head is high, shoulders are down, forearms are parallel with the floor and wrists are in a neutral position.

While sitting, I’m tempted to cross my legs, slouch and crane my neck forward to the monitor—all detrimental to spinal alignment. Sitting further compresses the back of the legs making blood flow less efficient.

Changing from sitting to standing to removing yourself altogether from the key board at regular intervals is the best idea for long-term health.

Desks with adjustable work surface heights are available but for now, I chose to work with what I have.

Here’s my set-up: The lowest tier is at writing desk level. On it is a wireless keyboard and mouse that keep my forearms parallel with the floor and my wrists in neutral and resting position. The mid-tier moves forward or back and holds a laptop computer whose screen is at eye level while I sit. When I want to stand, the laptop goes to the top tier and the wireless mouse and keyboard to the mid-tier and I am once again in a sound ergonomic position. While the equipment switching sounds bothersome, it is not because it is wireless.

Work safe—stay healthy.

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