Friday, September 01, 2006

Pumping Your Muse

Pumping Your Muse is a 136-page non-fiction, self-help writer's manual that is conveniently available in both electronic and print formats. The hardcopy is coil-bound - perfect for an inviting workbook.

Published just recently in June 2005, this book belongs on every writer's reference bookshelf. Donna Sundblad's goal for her manual has certainly been met, as Pumping Your Muse if able to stretch the readers creativity beyond their normal limits by developing skills and focusing creative energies in new directions.

The author focuses on the ability to build worlds through a variety of exercises including reflections, perspectives, balance, using multiple sensory tools and expanding thinking patterns. Readers will learn about tracking implements such as cards, journals and maps that help develop a detailed world for the reader and make the book a whole experience.

Following every exercise like a home-school class will take several weeks and will definitely improve creative writing skills. Pumping Your muse could also be used as a refresher course, a tool during the proofreading processes of a manuscript or to get past writer's block.

Donna Sundblad keeps the continuity flowing at an interesting pace and has allowed space for notes at the end of every chapter. Her useful manual also includes a number of excellent writer's resource websites.

I recommend that readers review the entire manual and then return to chapter one before they actually begin the program. In this way, the reader will be more familiar with the reasons and goals for each exercise. I have been anticipating my return to chapter one since I began the reviewing process of this book, and have no doubt that my skills will be improved because of the exercises in this manual.

ISBN# 1970863578, Author: Donna Sundblad, Publisher: ~ Writopia Inc.

~ Book Reviewer: Lillian Brummet, Co-author of Trash talk - a guide for anyone concerned about their impact on the environment and author of Towards Understanding - a collection of poetry.

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