Thursday, August 24, 2006

Single Talk Radio Show

Single Talk Radio Show MILWAUKEE, WI – Online dating author Cherie Burbach will appear on an upcoming “Single Talk” radio show. The show can be heard live every Saturday from 1pm-2pm (PST) on World Talk Radio.

Burbach, who also works as a consultant for, will discuss the key aspects needed for an online profile to be successful, including the number one mistake singles make in their online ads. Burbach, who met her husband on the Internet, has a second dating book in the works. Her first book “AT THE COFFEE SHOP” (iUniverse, January 2005), provides a humorous account of her experience with Internet dating.

“Where ‘AT THE COFFEE SHOP’ was aimed at those new to Internet dating,” says Burbach, “my new book is geared towards those men and women who have tried Internet dating and for whatever reason given up. I’m hoping my book will help them try again, this time armed with advice on what really works – from the profile through the dating stage.”

Burbach feels her approach on advising singles fits in well with the Single Talk format, as the show comes from the point of view of two single, thirty-something women who are trying to shed some light, candor, and humor on what it means to be single in these modern times.

A marketing consultant and freelance writer, Burbach also has written THE DIFFERENCE NOW (iUniverse, February 2004) and A NEW DISH (iUniverse, January 2005). Watch for her first novel FOR THOSE WHO KNEW ZACH, out soon. For more information, please visit her website:

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