Friday, August 25, 2006

by Godfrey Harris
If you are looking for a way to sell your books internationally, you might be interested to know that once a title is published abroad, it is sometimes easier to find a publisher. International Publishers Alliance (IPA), a cooperative serving small and independent book specialists, was started by two Florida publishers who wanted to expand their displays while sharing expenses. I, Godfrey Harris, shared many of my titles with IPA and enjoyed great success before being asked to take over the organization in 1993.

Books can be shown at other shared stands, but only IPA has proven its ability to consistently sell rights to foreign publishers, arrange distribution contacts, and deal effectively with agents, brokers, scouts, reviewers, printers, and others in the book trade through a synergistic effort to represent the broadest possible array of titles at the major international book fairs. Space on other shared displays may be cheaper, but publishers have said that IPA provides the best representation through its long established contacts, the fastest end-of-show reporting, and the most consistent one-on-one free assistance, In fact, one publisher said that the generic foreign rights agreement that IPA provides would cost more than twice as much as the cost of one show.

I am very pleased with your efforts and look forward to utilizing your services again next year. I appreciate the good work you do and all your support.” ~Dr. Joe Rubino, Vision Works Publishing

“[The]…professionalism, follow-up, organization, and attention to detail makes it very easy to do business with [International Publishers Alliance.] I highly recommend your service to those who want professional representation.” ~ Wise Owl Books

...thank you for the superb job you did for our company at the ... Frankfurt Book Show. We had our books in two booths and the difference was similar to the difference between a lush rain forest and a barren desert. From the other booth we had no interest at all. Nothing! The inquiries from your booth will probably yield thousands of dollars of business... ~ JDV Publishing Co.

“Thank you for always thinking about us and our marketing opportunities.”~ Fairy Messages
Having organizations such as yours, with creativity and one of the reasons I’m…proud to be [at] Publishers Weekly.” ~ Roxane Farmanfarmaian

“Writers find many hands ... offering help. Very few hands can provide help. Godfrey Harris can and does.

The IPA booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair did more for our work than any other we thought might. And the reason is truly individualized attention.” ~ Tania Wisbar/John Mahoney, The Last Cemetery in Berlin

“Thanks for all your hard work for small publishers!” ~ Mary Jeswald, Orangefoot Publishing Company

The 2006 Frankfurt Book Fair is coming in October: Each year, most publishers gear their new titles or publication plans to the Frankfurt fair. It is the year's most important benchmark for publishers of what is and what is to come. It is not only a remarkable market for selling foreign rights and obtaining distribution deals; it is also the best time and place to catch up on all pending foreign arrangements. If you would like to join International Publishers Alliance in our 23rd consecutive appearance at one of the busiest stands in the major International Pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair, please signal your interest by email to We will in turn send you an explanation of the next steps in the process and the key dates you need to keep in mind.
The price of representation at Frankfurt is $285 for one title, $255 each for two titles, and $220 each for three or more titles. We need two books for display and we need our catalog information form completed before eligibility for our stand--No. 8.0 K980--this year at Frankfurt.
Godfrey Harris, IPA’s Executive Director, has been involved with International Publishers Alliance since 1990. He is a former university instructor in political science, U.S diplomat, and member of the President’s Executive Office. Harris has been CEO of Harris/Ragan Management Group, a public policy consulting firm, for 38 years. Harris/Ragan’s publishing subsidiary, The Americas Group, specializes in public policy and business books. It currently has more than 20 titles in 40 different foreign editions in the marketplace. As Director of The Americas Group, Harris has been a respected observer of publishing developments for the past 17 years. He is also a member of Publishers Marketing Association and the Book Publicists of Southern California.

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