Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to Health the Whole Foods Way

Looking for a simple and satisfying way to optimize your energy, promote health and maintain a normal body weight? Kansas City Holistic Centre Physician Bethany Klug, DO shows you how in her internet course “Back to Health the Whole Foods Way.” Learn the basics of whole foods eating and strategies to make the whole foods way your life long way.

Food is the foundation of health. No vitamin, herb, miracle drink and certainly no drug has the impact on your long-term health the way your “daily bread” does.

The evidence continues to mount. The diet that that has been status quo for most Americans since the 1950’s—packaged, flavored, processed and refined—is clearly responsible for the maladies of western civilization: obesity, diabetes, depression, heart disease and cancer. If you are like Dr. Klug’s patients, you never learned about food in its original state: minimally processed, vital, alive, and full of energy. And you probably never felt what it gives you: energy, health and a normal body weight!

Back to Health the Whole Foods Way with Bethany Klug, DO. Participate live every 1st and 3rd Friday at 2:30 central time or listen later via MP3. Sign up at University Of Masters.

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