Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nashville Path & Pen Writers Conference

Scarritt-Bennett Center, Nashville TN September 8-10, 2006
Spiritual writing explores your sense of the sacred, your quest for meaning and purpose, your encounters with God or Absolute Reality, and you’re wrestling with faith, doubt, belief, and the ordinary wonder of your everyday life. Such writing may or may not be overtly religious, deal explicitly with religion, or be associated with any traditional faith or belief system.

The Path & Pen Writers' Conference brings writers and would-be writers together to explore writing as a spiritual practice. Held at the Scarritt Bennett Center, the conference has four distinct yet interrelated parts: keynote presentations; workshops; opportunities to network with editors, agents, publishers, and fellow writers; and a distinctly Nashville flavor.

Workshops will include: Leaving a Legacy of Story: Creating an Ethical Will; The Kabbalah of Writing: Using Writing to Examine Your Soul; The Artists Way; The G-Word: Writing About God in an Interspiritual Context; Writing Spiritual Autobiography; Writing as Personal Ministry; Ears to Hear: Writing Personal Bible Commentary; The Sacred Art of Journaling. Instructors include: Beth Nielsen Chapman, Philip Goldberg, Shellie R. Warren, Rami Shapiro, Sheri Swanson, Ray Waddle, and other to be announced. Email for more information:

The Nashville Path & Pen Writers Conference is co-sponsored by the Scarritt-Bennett Center and the One River Foundation with support from local bookstores, publishers, newspapers and other businesses.

Fees: $175 for program only; $302 for program and two night's
Scarritt-Bennett Center 1008 19th Ave S, Nashville TN, 37212 email: phone: 615-340-8804 web:

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