Thursday, February 12, 2015

LavendarRose - Poetry by Yvonne Perry


Lavender, the smell of Earth's antiseptic
Bright, evergreen, stable
Abiding through the winter
Ready to send forth her fragrant
Delicate blossoms in springtime
When she bursts forth
her tender leaves that melt
when pressed by tongues
that want to, need to, taste her delightful essence
Breathe in her sunshine

Rose, a cluster of velvet petals
Awaiting the fingers
who will open her to the core
and take a deep look inside
To touch the delicate pistil
in the center of her heart
encased by a softness
equal to the strong stem
that supports her life of beauty
The thorns are not there to keep you away,
but rather to remind you to be gentle with yourself
Stop and smell the roses, the Magdalene Mother

(c) 2013 Yvonne Perry

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