Saturday, May 30, 2009

Writers’ Podcast Promises an Exciting Start to Summer with Its Author Offerings

Writers in the Sky Podcast Guests Offer Discussions That Will Motivate Your Writing Efforts and Inspire You to Think Big

Nashville, TN, May 30, 2009—The Writers in the Sky podcasts for the month of June will present a series of interviews that will be both educational and inspirational for the listeners. The month will begin with a woman whose background and proven excellence in editing and author assistant services will be of interest to anyone involved in the business of writing. The next week features another editor who has received accolades for her services, and who is also a ghostwriter as well as the author of her own mystery novels. Anyone looking for tips that will lead to greater success in any profession will want to tune into our next podcast, which features an interview with a dynamic personal and business coach. Writers in the Sky will end the month with a Jewish man who survived Nazi-occupied France and has spent his adult life teaching others his family and cultural history.

The weekly podcast will present its first guest for the new month on June 5, when Writers in the Sky owner Yvonne Perry welcomes Karen Reddick. Karen is the author of the book Grammar Done Right!, which offers quick and easy access to the most common grammar, usage, and style rules laid-out in alphabetical format and making it a perfect companion to keep by a writer’s keyboard. Karen Reddick is also the owner of The Red Pen Editor and V and E Services and provides editing and author assistant services to publishers, authors, and writers. Karen was awarded the designation of Master Virtual Author’s Assistant (MVAA) and Master Virtual Assistant (MVA), both of which are considered the highest achievements in her industry. Karen will be discussing her services and how they may be of benefit to both new and experienced writers. Please visit to learn about Karen’s book.

On June 12, the focus on services that are available to writers will continue, as Barbara Milbourn will be interviewing LJ Sellers. Ms. Sellers is an award-winning journalist, editor, novelist, and occasional standup comic based in Eugene, Oregon. She is the author of the highly praised mystery/suspense novel, The Sex Club, and has a second Detective Jackson story, Secrets to Die For, coming out in September. Ms. Sellers is also an excellent editor and ghostwriter with a great sense of story structure, tension, and pacing. She is a member of the popular editing blog, The Blood Red Pencil. LJ Sellers will be discussing both the editing services she provides and her two novels. Learn more about LJ Sellers and her work at

The podcast focus broadens on June 19 when Yvonne Perry sits down with Joe Lavelle to discuss his new book Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail. Joe is the president of Results First Consulting LLC, through which he shares a collection of strategies that he has learned as a personal and business coach. Joe has now translated this information into a book that is geared towards career-oriented professionals who want to accelerate their career growth and find strategies, knowledge, and tools to get promotions and raises faster. He teaches goal-setting, communication skills, team building, and much more. Please visit to discover more about Joe Lavelle and the information that he offers to professionals in all areas.

The last podcast interview of the month will take place on June 26. Barbara Milbourn will share her discussion with Leo Abrami, author of the new book Evading the Nazis. Mr. Abrami was taken by his mother to hide with farmers in Normandy, France during World War II to avoid the inevitable persecution by the Nazis. Although Jewish, he pretended to be Catholic and lived safely with his adoptive family until France finally was liberated by the Allies. Evading the Nazis tells Mr. Abrami’s story of survival during the war and his determination to investigate his family and cultural history once he was free. Tune into this discussion to learn more about one boy’s amazing experience during war, and the man’s later determination to speak for others who could not. Please visit to purchase the book.

“We are excited to publicize the expertise of some of our fellow writers and editors as part of the June podcast series,” shares Yvonne Perry, owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services, which produces the podcast. “If you also consider the interviews which share stories that I believe may inspire listeners to greater personal heights, this month is filled with wonderful offerings.”

About Writers in the Sky: Writers in the Sky blog, podcast, and newsletter is a three-fold production filled with information about writing, publishing, and book publicity created by Yvonne Perry as part of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services ( )Listening to Writers in the Sky Podcast on a computer is easy. Go to On the right sidebar there is a list of archived shows. Click on the interview you would like to hear and it will open a post that has a link to the audio file.

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