Friday, November 17, 2006

TGI Friday November 17, 2006

Hal Manogue moved from a path of seeking to satisfy his ego as a shoe salesman to a path of finding his true Self through poetry. In part one of this interview Hal shares his story of how his mother’s death and the void he felt inside led him to read poetry by greats such as Rumi, Rilke, Blake, Goethe, Dante, Dickinson Takahashi, and John Paul II.

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Hal says that reading and writing poetry is his spiritual path to enlightenment. In part two Hal gives an account of how he self-published his first book of poetry titled Short Sleeves, A Book for Friends by working with a local printer who used leftover paper to produce 100 copies of Hal’s poems written in long-hand. When he published his second book of poetry Short Sleeves, A Book for Friends, 2006 Collection Hal used Ingram’s self-publishing affiliate Lightning Source to print a small run that he sells on his website

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