Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What Can Be Done to Avoid Piracy of e-books?

Along with marketing and selling e-books online comes the issue of piracy—or folks passing them on to people who have not purchased them. If you market e-books, how can you be sure that the e-books aren't pirated?

If you want to sell e-books that others have written, be sure to deal with people you know. By establishing a network of people in your industry, you can help one another succeed. Your network will have or know of products and e-book you can sell; and because you have earned one another’s trust, you have peace of mind that you are offering quality content that is produced legally.

If you don’t have a network, you could choose products from an affiliate program that has a good reputation. Many e-books are now listed on and they have an affiliate program. If an e-book is listed there, it has been through a selection process that requires a registered ISBN. No ISBN; no listing on Amazon.

If you write and sell your own e-books online, you may be concerned about other people stealing your material. It’s certainly true that many copyrighted PDFs and e-books are passed around illegally. So, what can an author do? While you have a right to pursue legal representation to recover your losses, you may have a difficult time trying to locate all the places and people who are violating your copyright. In your e-book, you can request that the purchaser not forward your e-book to others who have not paid for a copy, but unfortunately this request can easily be ignored.

I recommend that you put your name, URL, or some type of identifying or marketing text throughout your book. That way, if someone does get your e-book by pirated means, they at least have a way to: 1.) report it to you, 2.) check out your site to see if you have other e-books or services they need. You never know, they may actually purchase your next e-book.

Do not offer the same e-book you sell as a give-away or prize in a contest or promotion. People may think that if your e-book is free, then people should not have to pay for it. Create other products to offer as freebies or as incentives, but let the e-books you sell be reserved only for that purpose.

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