Friday, June 19, 2009

Act As If Joe Lavelle Were Coming!

Because he is here today!

I met Joe Lavelle on Twitter, and then we connected on LinkedIn. The next thing I knew, he were friends and he was having me help him promote his wonderful new book Accelerate Your Career Success, The Employee Handbook that Your Employer Hasn’t Given You. This book is from his Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail

Part of his promotion plan includes today's fantastic interview in which he discusses how to accelerate your career even during the current economy--even if you are out of work and actively looking for a job. Whether or not you have a plan to secure your next position and get on with your career, you should read and incorporate Joe's Top 5 Priorities to accelerate your job search so you can get back on track quicker.

Click here to listen to Joe's interview with Yvonne...

You will find Joe on his blog or you may read more about his services on his Web site. You may even follow Joe on Twitter.

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