Friday, April 10, 2009

WITS Podcast Today Features Discussion on Creating Balance in Life

Speaker and writer Jay Greenfeld joins WITS team member Sarah Moore today to discuss his new book My Choice My Life, Realizing Your Ability to Create Balance in Life. In this new release, Greenfeld shares his research into achieving a greater balance in the four pillars of life -- physical, emotional, social, and professional. He encourages readers to use the information as a tool for determining solutions that work well for their individual situations. Jay Greenfeld believes in the power of taking control of one's own decisions and destiny through information and thought.

In today's discussion, Jay and Sarah will talk about the metaphors and practical examples that are used in My Choice My Life to make the information accessible to every reader. Jay also explains how the material, which is geared towards younger readers in their teens and twenties, can be used by both high schools, colleges and parents to assist new adults through the life transitions of this period. And, he will share how his educational background has prepared him to write such a book.

Click here to listen... to the entire interview.

My Choice My Life can purchased through the Amazon website.

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