Saturday, July 21, 2007

Book Reviews

Loss of Innocence by Anne Walther (Historical Fiction).
Set during the French Revolution, this is the second novel for Walther. It follows the story of Eugenie Devereux whom readers first met in A Time for Treason, as her friendship for Marie Antoinette pulls her into the middle of the tumult and chaos of the French Revolution. Walther's novel explores a little-known historical plot by French nobles and courageous Americans to rescue the queen from her prison in France and spirit her across the Atlantic to the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania.

Taj: The Woman and the Wonder (Historical Fiction) by Sandra Wilson.
Taj is a fictionalized version of the true love story behind the building of India's magnificent Taj Mahal. Wilson's website is also filled with a treasure trove of information about the Taj Mahal - - it's a must visit for anyone interested in this amazing story of love and devotion.

Dance of the Heart by James Therrian (Romance/Gay Romance).
This is Jim's first novel, and it's already getting wonderful reviews. It's the tale of a gay male dancer with a solid relationship, a beautiful home, and a fantastic career. When a new female dance partner arrives on the scene, our hero is drawn to her in a way that makes him question - can we control who we love? Although this is a gay romance (G-rated) it does explore basic relationship and love issues of all kinds.

No Matter What by Jordana Ryan (Romance)
This is Jordana's first novel, and we feel she did a smash-up job. Her story is one of love found, lost lost, and perhaps love found again. The story follows a young woman who has to deal with her feelings for the love of her life who comes back into her life after several years' absence. The twist - the young man doesn't know that he fathered a child with our

The Art of Managing by Jane Macken (Management Skills).
Jane's book is about how to build better workplace relationships - - and how the lack of same negatively impacts a manager's ability to manage. Jane writes from experience, as her own work crew confronted her about her management style--a confrontation that prompted Jane to explore her relationship style. This book shows how anyone can develop three key attributes to successfully manage their work and life, how to form effective teams, and how to motivate others.

The Reality Diet by Dr. Steven Schnur
One of the better diet books we've seen as it addresses real life issues and real life situations around eating. The diet is common sense, and focuses on how to get more fiber into the diet. The recipe section is outstanding - -lots of good tasting meals (including desserts) that anyone can easily prepare, and everyone can enjoy eating!

Wearing the Spider by Susan Schaab
What if a male law firm partner hijacked the identity of a female associate? What if he used email impersonation and electronic forgery to set her up as the mastermind of an illegal scheme? And what if she was ultimately framed for murder as a result of his actions? Wearing the Spider, a debut legal thriller by Susan Schaab, explores these possibilities. "The Devil Wears Prada in legal technicolor. A smart, thoroughly-enjoyable tale." ^Liz Smith, New York Post Columnist & New York Times Bestselling Author

Blacks Beach Shuffle by Corey Fayman
Rolly Waters is a recovering rock musician and part-time private eye. One night his band performs at a blowout party for, a fast-rising Internet startup that has the city of San Diego talking. When Rolly returns after hours to retrieve his guitar from the host's mansion, he finds a dead body floating in the swimming pool. His discovery sets in motion a series of intrigues that drag him into the surreal world of culture, as well as the dark heart of his own uneven past.

Black's Beach Shuffle updates the classic Southern California gumshoe world of Raymond Chandler and Ross McDonald with contemporary technology riffs, new millennium anxieties and sun-blotted humor. It pumps out a page-turning mix of plot twists, colorful characters and laugh-out-loud humor as Rolly's investigation ricochets him from the high-tech industrial parks of Torrey Pines Mesa to downtown blues clubs, from street taco shops to the penthouse of the La Jolla Hyatt, from the hallowed halls of academia to the sands of Black's Beach, San Diego's official clothing-optional playground.

Funny Business by Allen Rosenshine getting career advice from Muhammad Ali, a lesson in stardom from Bill Clinton, watching Don Rickles embarrass one of your most important customers, being caught red-handed using the product of your client's biggest competitor, lying to the president of the United States, firing your wife from your company, taking Lee Iacocca bowling at midnight, or seeing your weekend with "another woman" advertised on a billboard.

The stories in Funny Business really happened. They come from Allen Rosenshine's four decades at BBDO, one of the world's foremost advertising agencies. And what a supporting cast~Jack Welch, George H.W. Bush, Michael Jackson, Joe DiMaggio, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Lou Dobbs, Rudy Giuliani, Joe Louis, Henry Kissinger, Bob Newhart, Catfish Hunter, Thurman Munson, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Don King, Luciano Pavarotti, Tommy Lasorda, Lionel Richie, Duke Snider, and many other movers and shakers~a host of famous names (and a few aliases) in less than famous but truly funny scenarios. Allen Rosenshine will show you a side of advertising you never

Divine Disposables by Janyce Granoff
Every bride dreams of a spectacular and extravagant wedding reception. Sometimes finances or venue require the use of disposables. These 24 divine place settings will relieve your anxiety about using disposables. They will inspire you and allow you the opportunity to delight and impress your family and friends using your unique style. The workbook will teach you how to doit Having worked with thousands of brides, I know that many are near despair after seeing only very expensive table settings in the media. This produces unnecessary anxiety for a huge percentage of American brides. It leaves you thinking you are a minority, when actually you are in the majority. I promise you.

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