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NETWORK WITH US is a section of Writers in the Sky Newsletter published the first Tuesday of each month at no cost to subscribers.

you may add your announcement or brag about your writing accomplishment. Tell us about your book or business. Share information and ideas or send articles or advertorial for the next issue to writer at Here are some announcements from our readers this month:

Many of the writers who enjoy your newsletter are ready to market their work to agents, editors, or publishers. They will thank you for introducing them to, my unique website dedicated to helping writers get published.

I’m a former publisher, Time-Life editor, motivational speaker, teacher at UCLA and five-times published author. During my days on the “other side of the desk” I read thousands of query letters and book proposals. I know what works and what doesn’t.

For a limited time, I’m offering FREE query letter evaluations. No kidding, they’re free. Come take a look-see. If you think the information on my site will benefit your readers, please spread the word. Thank you for your consideration.

Molli Nickell
Speaker-author-marketing coach
Helping writers get published since 1998


Got a book coming out you want to hype? Has your publisher’s publicist moved on to other projects? Do you have a book in stores that you know deserves more media attention than it’s getting? Are you working on a proposal that would benefit from a better understanding of what you can do to promote your book? You need “Book Publicity 101: How to Build Book Buzz,” a dynamic online course taught by a veteran publicist and author.

Offered February 4-29, 2008, the class is taught in a forum format, with lessons and homework assignments posted online in a private, password-protected forum. The highly-interactive course covers:

• How to create a book publicity blueprint you’ll be excited about
• The single secret most authors don’t know about generating ongoing media exposure
• The most effective and cost-efficient publicity tactics
• How to generate buzz online using virtual book tours and other techniques
• Radio and TV producer hot buttons
• How to bring an energizing new level of creativity to your publicity efforts

Students receive instructional materials and resources and complete weekly assignments that help them discover how easy it is to create book buzz. Student interaction on the forum enhances the learning experience by offering fresh perspectives and new ideas for all participants while instructor guidance and input takes your work to the next level. A free-for-all Q&A corner lets students get answers to questions not covered in the course materials, making this a highly-personalized learning experience for nonfiction and fiction authors.

Registration is $179; Freelance Success subscribers receive a $20 discount.

The class is taught by Sandra Beckwith, a recovering award-winning publicist; publisher of the free e-zine Build Book Buzz; and author of three books, including two on publicity topics.

Registration is limited to 20 students.

Register at; send course inquiries to Beckwith at

I've got a new novel coming out in January from Write Words, Inc., is The Odyssey...a short blurb follows:

A small sleepy New England town is suddenly thrust on an unintended journey to a place before time began. A devastating flood bearing down on the unsuspecting village devastates a neighborhood. When the waters finally subside, a strange object — a probe — emerges from the depths of a sinkhole. Two young brothers inadvertently activate its teleportation system sending the town and its unconscious citizens soaring towards a dead planet that has been drifting in space. Eons ago, its twin suns were on the verge of colliding destroying all life thereon. In a desperate effort for survival probes were sent from the stricken planet forward through time to the far reaches of the Universe. When the people of the tiny village of Oakville awaken they will discover that the incident that befell their town would soon become a reality that would change their lives forever.

Also I am going to be on Phil Harris Blog Radio Show with four other writers on January 14 at 8:00 pm. The toll free call-in number is 718-508-9893.

Thank you,

Elena Dorothy Bowman
Journey to the Rim of Space and Beyond

"MousePrints Publishing, publishers of the Antelope Valley Anthologies wishes to announce their new website. MousePrints will begin soliciting submissions for the 5th Antelope Valley Anthology 1 January, 2008. The Antelope Valley Anthologies are made up of poetry, short stories, and essays written by residents or former residents of Southern California's Antelope Valley which stretches from Frazier Park on the West to Barstow on the East and Acton/Crown Valley on the South to Tehachapi on the North. All submissions should be electronic and sent as Word Document attachments. Prose should be no more than 3K words; poetry should be no more than 100 lines. For further information please contact MousePrints at

The GRITS COM Literary Service ( launches the online book promotion of Cheryl Robinson’s brand new novel, SWEET GEORGIA BROWN, on January 2, 2008! Cheryl will be Yvonne Perry’s guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast on January 25, 2008.

Battle of the sexes takes center stage in this new novel when sweet Georgia Brown, a humble housewife, is determined to become a household name. After eleven years of marriage, Georgia Brown is fed up with her husband, Marvin, a popular radio personality. She’s fed up with him not because she suspects he’s having an affair; or because she is suddenly expected to raise his thirteen-year-old daughter, Chloe, who she never knew existed. No! It’s because he had the nerve to talk about her weight, their marriage, and their sex life on national radio! Now, to save their marriage, Marvin invites Georgia to the radio station for an on-air rebuttal, having no idea it will launch her career. Or that what began as a battle at home will now be a blistering war for all to hear

Writers in the Sky Podcast Show listeners will enjoy hearing more about this entertaining new novel as well as hear how Cheryl’s successful self-publishing career landed her the great 2-book deal she has with New American Library (NAL), a division of the Penguin Group, today! This book goes on sale nationwide, January 2, 2008! You may visit Cheryl Robinson online at

I'm a member of a very small critique group and we've decided to pool our promotional efforts in yet one more place. We've created THE SYNOPTIC STORM (a strong frontal system of artistic talent). Phyllis Campbell, Ciara Gold, Vicki Gaia, Rayka Mennon, Erin Moore, Ginger Simpson and Sue Viders invite people to visit us at

Ladies Heatwave, Tornado, Volcano, Thunder, Lightning, Hurricane and Cyclone expect to be up and running right after the holidays. We've already started posting our individual welcomes. This promises to be a fun place with all the mixed personalities. :)

Thank you for your help in getting the word out about our new blog.

SPICE up your life with GINGER

My book, Choices, a White Rose (Inspirational) Rosette (short story) is due for release Jan. 2008 from The Wild Rose Press! Here's the blurb....Best-selling novelist and songwriter, Camie Rogers has penned numerous accounts of the secret love she holds in her heart. Country-Music Superstar Kip Allen has changed from the shy, humble boy, to the epitome of “star.” Can the two rediscover each other after one night of his Home is where the Heart is Tour? Find out in Choices by Pamela S Thibodeaux.

Warren M. Mueller will be doing an hour live radio interview on February 13th at 7PM Eastern Time on the INDEPTHYOU show! This will be about Warren’s life story and writing his first book: Truth Seeker: Straight Talk From The Bible. Phone 618-692-8237 or email phycologist2002 at for call in information.

What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success? Discover Secrets to Achieving Total Success! by Dr. Joe Capista

What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success? goes beyond your typical think it and you can have it philosophy. Dr. Joe Capista reveals insights into the very thought processes and systems that took him from being a below average student growing up in an average blue-collar neighborhood to becoming a multi-millionaire and one of the most successful business owners in his industry.

Dr. Capista shows you how to develop and apply the very elements that contribute to a successful life including the power of your thoughts, beliefs and actions. If you have ever dreamed of living a life beyond your wildest dreams, a life filled with happiness, contribution, abundance and integrity, What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business Life and Success, will show you how. Guaranteed!

ISBN 978-0-9658159-5-6
202 pages; $19.95
Maxwell Publishing
Business Success Spiritual
More information at

Avatar Publication will be releasing Book I AND Book II of MESSAGES: AN ERA OF TRANSFORMATION by author Philip F.Harris at the end of January!

“I hope that someone gets my message in the bottle.” ~ STING

Messages in a bottle are sent for three possible reasons: you are in need of help, you are responding to a request for help, or you just want to connect with new people. In a way, this series of “messages” meets all three of those criteria.

We live in a time and a world of uncertainty. Our entire reality is being questioned as environmental, spiritual, political, social and economic institutions are breaking apart at the seams. People are searching for new answers to age-old questions, since the old answers no longer seem valid. They have put their cries for help in a bottle; there are many who have chosen to respond.

In this first of a series “messages” we here from noted authors, healers and mystics as they offer their words of advice and wisdom on topics that will help us enter the “era of transformation.” In this “bottle” listen to the words of:

SANDI KIMMEL, Songwriter and singer
DR. MICHAEL SHARP, mystic and author
DAN STONE, Channeler

MESSAGES II continues to bring humanity rays of light and hope. Author Ed Rychkun addresses financial and complete body, mind and spirit connections. Linda Walker shows the spiritual side of weight reduction and how your mind set creates your appearance. Ken MacLean talks about the “Big Picture,” the vibrational Universe and “life solutions. Linda Saper-Bloom takes you down the path of alternative healing. ZoĆ« Routh discusses how she won her battle with cancer using spiritual laws. These ‘messengers’ also discuss the law of attraction and the use of basic spiritual principles to create your own reality.

More will be forthcoming in this series.


Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s how-to book for writers, The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won’t is top seller for 2007.

The Frugal Book Promoter is a USA Book News Best Book and a winner of Book Publicists of Southern California's Irwin Award. It is the first in Howard-Johnson's How To Do It Frugally series of books for writers. The second is the newly released The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success, also a USA Book News award winner.

Howard-Johnson, an instructor at UCLA Extension’s Writers’ Program, chose to have the book published in both e-book format and paperback in order to give both emerging authors and her struggling students affordable and convenient choices. Whichever format a reader chooses, The Frugal Book Promoter assures an author’s book the best possible start in life. Full of nitty-gritty how-tos for getting nearly free publicity, the author shares her professional experience as well as practical tips gleaned from the successes of her own book campaigns. A former publicist, she tells authors how to do what their publishers can’t or won’t and why authors can often do their own promotion better than a PR professional.

Frugal Book Promoter is available in a full 250 page e-book format at: . Look for it in paperback at and other bookstores. It is also available as an Amazon Kindle book. Learn more about Carolyn Howard-Johnson at

******** provides a place where authors and publishers can still market their books in the same place that they can be purchased. allows members to use free article and Press release tools that embeds their book as part of the article, and readers have the opportunity of locating and buying the subject book directly from, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, as well as corresponding UK and Canadian online booksellers. Additionally, the members’ public profile provides links to multiple books specified by the member, as well as the member's own website. BiblioScribe membership is also free.

Bryn Colvin will be on the on January 23rd and the blog on the 30th of January.

A number of Write Words authors will be on Phil Harris' radio show at 8pm EST on January 14th and the show will be available the following day on his web page - These authors will include: Elena Dorothy Bowman, Dorice Nelson and Nikki Leigh among others. Elena Dorothy Bowman has The Odyssey being released in January in e-book format.

For Published Authors

There’s a new book blog tour website ( where you have several options to promote your books. First register on the site to create your profile page. While you're on the site, check details about being a site sponsor and feature author opportunities. Any questions, contact author Nikki Leigh at

Reluctant Smuggler
by Jill Elizabeth Nelson
Publisher: Waterbrook Multhomah Publishing Group
ISBN: 1590526880
Release: January 15, 2007

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer…but what if you can’t tell the difference?

For security consultant Desiree Jacobs, the assignment was simple: make off with an ancient Mayan artifact and hand it over to the good guys in time to plan her wedding to ultra-fine FBI agent Tony Lucano.

Yet, in a world where no one is as they seem, Desi must decipher who the good guys are–before she ends up in the hands of a ruthless enemy.

Suddenly, artifact recovery turns into archaeological espionage, and the woman who finds all the answers must now ask questions: Who’s looting priceless antiquities underneath the nose of the baffled Mexican government? And what does a violent gang of drug and human traffickers have to do with missing artifacts?

Even with Tony on her side, Desi will need way more than luck to survive against the odds. She’ll need the truth–not just to set her free, but to liberate many innocents caught in the snare of calculating evil.

BUY IT NOW! For more information about Jill and her novels of romantic suspense, go to

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